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Gutters in Maine

Unique Rain Removal Systems in Maine

Affordable Maine Remodeling installs unique, patented rain removal systems known as seamless gutters. These seamless gutters that are engineered to expand and contract with the temperature of your home. These gutter hanger systems were designed to become a standard for many homes in New England and Maine. Seamless gutters are beautiful, durable, and an economical alternative to normal gutters. For more information on our seamless gutters, call us at (207) 431-2613 or contact us online.

Keep Your Home from Getting Water Damage

Our seamless gutters are attached using a hanger system that allows gutters to naturally expand and contract with the temperatures. This will keep the hangers tight and they will not be able to loosen and fall. The size is 5” for standard homes. Seamless gutters are able to stand up to the harshest wind and storms so water will not be able to leak into your home or basement. The main feature of seamless gutters is that they hang flush to your home. No seam means that there is less likely to be water damage or breakage of your gutters. It is important that the gutters are strong and last a long time. Affordable Maine Remodeling’s gutters are also warrantied in Maine and New England.

How Do You Choose the Gutters for Your Home?

– Inspect your home after a rainstorm to see where and how the water is running
– Figure out the optimal position for your gutters
– Find the right material for your gutters
– Talk with professionals to figure out the right gutters for you

For more information on how to pick the right gutter, click here.


Over 40 Years of Experience in Maine and New England

Affordable Maine Remodeling wants you to have the best gutters possible to remove rain and rid your home of water damage. For over 40 years, we have been repairing and installing gutters, repairing roofs, and remodeling homes. Our track record in New England and Maine is beyond compare. We will send someone to your home to talk with you about new gutters, new roofs, or an entire remodel. Whatever work you need done at your home, Affordable Maine Remodeling has the experience to complete your project. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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