Rubber Roofing

In the State of Maine

Affordable Roofing Option in Maine

Affordable Maine Remodeling offers many different types of roofing for Maine homes. Rubber roofing is one of our specialities along with metal and asphalt roofing. Rubber roofing is a cheaper option of roofing. It is easier to maintain and long-lasting as well. Our roofing contractors are able to come to your home and install the rubber roofing you need to keep your home looking beautiful. There are signs when a roof needs replaced, and Affordable Maine Remodeling’s roofing contractors can help you when that time comes. For more information on rubber roof installation, call (207) 431-2613 or contact us online.

Easy to Maintain & Water Damage Free

Rubber roofing is very popular for its cost and benefits. Rubber has less seams. Our roofing contractors will add these pieces of rubber to your roof with little to no space between the pieces. This will lead to less leaks and water damage on the outside and inside of your home. Rubber roofing is also easier to maintain for the homeowner. A big benefit is that it is environmentally friendly and long-lasting. Compared to other roofing, rubber roofing is fire resistant. This is the perfect type of roofing for everyone, and Affordable Maine Remodeling knows how to properly install rubber roofing. For a free roof evaluation from our roofing contractors, call Affordable Maine Remodeling.


Keep Heating Costs Low with New Roofing

Whether it is asphalt, rubber, or metal roofing, homeowners need to keep track of how the roof is doing. Roofing can affect more than just the top of your home, it can also affect the inside. With the rise of heating costs, homeowners in Maine need to take measures to keep the heating bill low. A large amount of heat goes right through the roof! Affordable Maine Remodeling will come to your home and assess your failing roof. We also provide seamless gutters and whole-home remodeling. If you are interested in saving money and upgrading your home, schedule an appointment with us.

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