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Asphalt Roofing

Cost Effective & Easy Maintenance Roofing

Besides the structure, the roof is the largest and most important part of any home. It is imperative to keep up with maintenance on this important structure that protects your home from rain, snow, sleet, hail and everything else.  At this point, it could be time to get an asphalt roof. An asphalt roof is cost effective and easy to maintain. You will not have to worry about cracking, curling, or leaking for a long time. Asphalt roofing is made out of fiberglass molded together. It is lightweight, easy to maintain, and can last up to thirty years. Affordable Maine Remodeling will assist you in picking the right kind of asphalt shingles for you and your home. If you are looking to replace your roof with a durable material like asphalt, contact Affordable Maine Remodeling (207) 431-2613 or contact us online.

Obvious Signs a Roof Needs Repaired or Replaced

An obvious sign that your roof needs to be replaced is a continuous or growing leak. Less obvious signs include changes in the color or texture of the shingles on your roof. An asphalt roof may even have the edges become brittle and start to curl. If you are experiencing any of these, it is time to look into repair or replacement of your current roof. The roof is an important part of your home that should be durable through all types of weather, but roofs do not last forever. Asphalt shingles are the perfect solution to your roofing problems. We suggest calling an expert roof contractor like Affordable Maine Remodeling to give your roof an evaluation and repair it to last for a long time.


Remodeling Your Home in the State of Maine

Affordable Maine Remodeling has a track record of repairing and installing roofs across New England and Maine. We also provide amazing services in remodeling and improving homes. Whether you need an asphalt roof, rubber roof, metal roof, or new gutters, we are the contractors who can make that happen. If you are looking to have areas of your home remodeled, like a kitchen or bathroom, we can also help you design and improve those sections of your home. For more information on home remodeling projects, roof repairs, or gutters, call Affordable Maine Remodeling.

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