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Unbeatable Remodeling Track Record

Affordable Maine Remodeling has over 40 years of experience installing and repairing roofing, gutters, and more in your home. Our track record is one that can not be beat. Over the years, we have remodeled and improved thousands of homes in New England and Maine. We strive to provide the best customer service possible to our customers in Maine and the surrounding areas. We provide excellent home improvements and home remodels to our customers who need it. Anything from a leaky roof to a full remodel of your kitchen, we have the contractors for the job. If you are in the state of Maine, or the surrounding areas, and are looking for the best renovation and remodeling service, schedule an appointment by contacting Affordable Maine Remodeling at (207) 431-2613 or contact us online.

Different Styles of Roofing in The State of Maine

Roofing is something that every home must have and it must be reliable. No leaks, tears, or cracks can be in the shingles of your roof. There are many different types of roofing that Affordable Maine Remodeling specializes in. When deciding on the style, affordability, and upkeep of a roof, you can talk to our roofing contractors. It is important to know all the information about how to keep the roof over your head in its best condition. We repair and install different styles of roofing like rubber roofing, asphalt roofing, and metal roofing. Each type of roof requires different upkeep and provides different benefits for the needs of your household. If you are confused or concerned about your roof and feel it needs repaired or replaced, call our roofing contractors to schedule a roofing examination.

How to Choose a Roofer:

– Focus on the quality of work and the amount of clean-up
– Pick someone with a good track record in your community
– Ask for recommendations
– Ask questions about the timeframe and the cost
– Ask about the roofer’s credentials
– Ask for a written contract from the roofer

For more information on how to pick a roofer, click here.


New Gutters and Home Remodeling in The State of Maine

Sometimes the inside and outside of a home are outdated and start to have technical problems. At this point, you need a room or whole home remodel. The gutters and siding outside could need replaced. Or, the rooms inside of your home need to be stripped down and redone entirely. The best way to get your home remodeled into the home of your dreams is to call an expert like Affordable Maine Remodeling. We can provide you with seamless gutters and a whole new kitchen, bathroom, or any other remodeling needs. Affordable Maine Remodeling is an honest, dependable, and professional remodeling contractor that will give you the best roofs, gutters, and remodels possible.

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